Meet Barbara Hyde


Author, A Love Affair with Life – A Compelling Look at Choice and Change 

A storyteller, educator, facilitator, and social observer, Barbara Hyde is passionate about supporting others in their efforts to take action for a more rewarding life—a life of their own choosing.

For thirty years, Barbara’s work in the field of choice and change has combined her three career interests—business, education, and personal development—as she offers skill building guidance and a unique perspective for consideration as individuals move forward making their own best decisions.  Her career positions have spanned many arenas in which leadership qualities are key: a domestic and global organizational consultant and facilitator for large-scale behavior change initiatives designed to engage individuals and teams as efficient, capable, and satisfied workforces; an overseas teacher of English and business English as a second language for those striving for greater opportunities; a national account manager responsible for building effective and satisfying internal and client relationships; a stockbroker offering financial planning education; a university business instructor preparing future business leaders; a real estate broker, worksite wellness specialist, and personal facilitator supporting individuals wanting to create a better life for themselves.

Her roles and interests have involved supporting individuals in recognizing and overcoming any barriers that may be keeping them stuck in that gap between their current chosen life and the life they desire—and acting on the changes helpful to develop the life skills necessary to go for what is wanted. This is the focus of her book and speaking. She suggests that decision making is a life skill that can be developed and that, for many reasons, not everyone has the same level of ease and success with making choices and changes in their lives.

Born in Independence, Iowa, Barbara takes to heart our American liberty—that right of each individual to choose, with no harm to others—and the opportunities that liberty can offer.  She states, “To choose and act responsibly from our truth, that which we wish to attend to, that which satisfies our curiosity—to take a shot at the life experiences we truly desire, to try and try again—is indeed a privilege.  Sometimes the only thing holding us back is ourselves.”

Barbara holds a Masters in Management from John F. Kennedy University. She is a Professional in Human Resources (PHR), a Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist, and a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.  She is founder and president of Life Is Action, Inc., a crucial communications company that supports accurate expression and furthers open and continuing dialogue. She recently relocated from San Francisco back to America’s heartland…Iowa.

A Love Affair with Life – A Compelling Look at Choice and Change is her first book.