Haven’t we been shouting
at ourselves long enough?

Has it ever led to lasting change
or an easier, more rewarding life?

In this captivating and thought-provoking book, Barbara Hyde gently, and yet with no holds barred, weaves together engaging stories, arresting observations, and insightful commentary for a compelling look at what keeps us from experiencing the life we truly desire.

Not a prescriptive “how-to” book, Hyde makes no claim to know more than you do what’s in your better interest. Rather, she illustrates how choices made from mistaken notions can set us upon a road of confusion, self-doubt, and loss of freedom–keeping us from making better decisions.

From relationships and parenting to the workplace and lifestyle choices, we witness her characters become their own best experts as they, with fierce honesty and often only small steps of action, confront the reality of their lives that have them now feeling stuck, stressed, overwhelmed, or simply out of sorts.

Genre-defying, A Love Affair with Life offers a unique perspective and invites readers to consider it. Learn more about the book …

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Gems from the book

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